Opagio’s Growth Capital Strategy (GCS) Platform offers executive teams and investors a powerful tool to develop a growth strategy. The GCS Dashboards and Registers provide a complete suite to develop a robust growth strategy, growth investments and increase on firm valuation.

Growth is driven by:

  • Technology
  • Brand and Marketing
  • IP
  • Design
  • Human Capital
  • Organisational Capital

Economists define these growth drivers as intangible assets. Opagio’s GCS provides a methodology to document your investments in intangible assets and innovation that is unique and unlocks enormous value. The majority of intangible assets are not identified in company accounts or standard executive management reporting. As a result, Opagio’s GCS provides a new and solid framework for making investment decisions that drive growth.

The Growth Capital Strategy platform contains accounting data load and classification features. This makes it straightforward to classify areas of spend and allocate them to intangible assets and growth investments. This enables investment and operating spend to contribute to more than one intangible asset. This can include projects, R&D, people, technology, training and innovation.

Once your new Growth Capital Strategy is in place your firm will be in a strong position to invest in growth initiatives with increased clarity and certainty which will justify a higher firm valuation. A detailed Growth Capital Strategy can assist in attracting capital on more favourable terms. It also demonstrates your executive team’s firm grip on how you will deploy capital and measure it’s effectiveness.

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Using Opagio’s Platform we created two alternative 5 year growth capital strategies. As a result we have delivered Q1 increase in revenue from 19% to 35% (YoY) and have increased our firm valuation by 90% over the last 12 months. We now have a clear strategy we are executing on and the numbers speak for themselves.

Mathew Nagel, COO, Neatsmith