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Drive growth in revenue, profit and productivity and increase your control on operations
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Opagio offers Investors and Executive Teams a powerful platform and methodology to define their Growth Capital Strategy and gain an iron grip on Operations through Operational Excellence. Opagio’s unique platform will help you achieve significant revenue, profit and productivity growth.
Executive Teams

Use productivity data to guide effective investment decision-making to achieve tighter control and drive faster growth

Growth Capital Strategy

Growth is driven by investments in technology, brand, marketing and design. Create your Growth Capital Strategy and understand how your investments deliver the growth metrics and drive sustainable profit growth.

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Operational Excellence

Gain full control of your business with complete operational oversight. Enhance employee engagement, reduce waste, identify and address bottlenecks. Gain an iron grip on labour productivity to grow revenue and profitability.

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Valuation Dashboard

Measure all your intangible assets and realise your true market value. Growth is driven by intangible assets, innovation and improvements in labour productivity. Use Opagio’s Valuation and Growth Strategy Dashboards to increase your firms valuation.

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Intangible assets drive growth

Financial Accounts are poor predictors of future growth prospects. 90% of the market value of the US S&P 500 Index is made up of Intangible Assets.
Opagio helps companies track their investments in intangible assets (R&D, IT, Marketing, Brand) and create a Growth Assets Register that reflects the value created.
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Operational Excellence

Innovative technology is powering the operations of global leaders and disrupting many sectors. The rate of change is rapidly increasing and the widespread adoption of AI, cloud and digital automation requires businesses to adapt rapidly. Opagio’s Operational Excellence platform allows you to measure, model, analyse and transform your operations with speed and control.
Operational Excellence helps firms create an operational Blueprint to measure and improve efficiency and profitability.
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Be investment ready

Investors need evidence your technology and marketing investments will drive growth and produce long term assets for the firm. Most technology and marketing investments are not usually identified as assets.
Opagio’s Growth Strategy Health Check will guide you through a  process to identify your growth investments, their performance and value.
Use the Health Check to build your Growth Capital Strategy and Valuation model using Opagio’s dashboards  to justify higher valuations and attract more investment support.
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At Opagio, we want to see firms and the economy grow! Use Opagio’s unique Growth Capital Strategy platform to communicate your growth strategy and valuation to investors. Get started now with your Growth Strategy Health Check.
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What our clients say

‘Using Opagio’s unique platform has enabled us to get an iron grip on operations. We now have time to focus on strategy and have built an aggressive growth strategy for the next 5 years. Since we started working with Opagio we have increased our annual revenue growth rate from 19% to 35%. The numbers speak for themselves.’

Mathew Nagel, COO and Co-Founder, Neatsmith

‘Opagio has helped us identify major barriers to our growth and address them. Opagio’s team has demonstrated deep expertise in digital marketing, conversion, pricing, customer needs and the systems required to support our growth. We have repositioned the brand and pricing, launched new platforms for customers and developed our location expansion strategy. We are now delivering significant membership and revenue growth.’

Shamir, Founder