Opagio is delighted to announce a £100K+ Smart Grant award by Innovate UK.

Our ground-breaking SaaS platform enables high-growth firms to demonstrate the true value of their Intangible Assets to investors, in order to raise more — and cheaper — capital. Venture capital and private equity investors will, for the first time, have hard data on intangible assets ROI.

Addressable market

Opagio’s market opportunity and potential are substantial. The addressable or serviceable global market is £3bn/£360mn (UK £202mn/£40mn). The UK invests £169bn in intangible assets every year, but only £64bn (38%) are capitalised and recognised (in different places) by statutory accountants and statisticians.


Opagio is currently working with three SME clients, one of which is Neatsmith, a London-based manufacturer of luxury custom-fitted wardrobes. Neatsmith’s exciting improvements are evident in the company’s recent figures. Turnover has increased within a year by 15-20%, and the company is continuously improving labour productivity (i.e., higher turnover) without increasing labour cost). As a direct result, Neatsmith is rolling out a more effective digital marketing strategy based on a deeper, data-driven understanding of their customer needs.

Ongoing case studies

All three Opagio clients have agreed to share the anonymised data from their engagement in the Opagio programme. They will become the first of many Opagio case studies that will be reviewed by world-leading academic economists, which includes Andy Haldane (the Levelling Up Czar), and Professor Dr Bart Van Ark at the Productivity Institute.

Opagio expects these case studies to make a significant contribution to the UK Government’s Levelling Up Initiative to restore equality of economic opportunity to all regions of the UK.

Favourable reception

International thought leaders at the recent IAWIR-ESCoE Conference in London recognised our CTO David Stroll’s contribution to better measurement and management of Intangible Assets as a key driver of economic growth. Attendees responding favourably included those with significant influence and authority in current policy and institutional initiatives aimed at improving productivity across the “tail” of some 400,000 UK SMEs.

Opagio’s Smart Grant programme is two months underway and will conclude by the end of March 2022. We’re excited about our contribution to solving the UK “Productivity Puzzle.”

Productivity PuzzleHow many UK Productivity Puzzles are there?
SMEs can only increase real wages and EBITDA based on improving both labour and capital productivity

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