Due to the COVID pandemic the hospitality sector has faced the worse challenges that anyone can remember. We offer a pathway to getting back to delighting customers and returning to profitable growth.

Model the venue

The pathway starts by creating a Blueprint of how the venue operates today. We start with how many people are employed and what are their roles and follow with a high-level overview of existing processes. We then collect data from the venue’s existing software applications.

Measure the venue

We provide five different measures based on the Blueprint. These reports include Revenue, Flow, KPIs, Productivity and Profitability. This enables a balanced analysis to be conducted which shows opportunities for change.

Analyse potential technologies

Everyone knows that technology can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency so the challenge is to start with the Blueprint and Measurements and explore potential technologies than can make a difference. By creating scenarios, we can estimate the future impact of new technologies on both the Blueprint and the Measurements. Once the chosen technologies are decided we set new targets for each report.

Transform the venue

The key to making new technologies successful is to work hard with the venue’s employees and management to help them understand the need for the new technologies, the results that they can deliver and the benefits to the business and themselves. Once staff and management are trained, which many involved changes in work activities for some staff, the technology is installed and tested to make sure that everything works. It’s then time to go live and reap the rewards from improved customer experience, to increased sales, profits and efficiency.

Why do Intangible Assets drive Growth?

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