Opagio’ Growth Platform

Opagio provides a unique way of modeling your customer experience onto your business operations to help you focus on areas of innovation and operational excellence.
Through purposeful analysis in a standards-based methodology, Opagio helps you to understand in more detail the key operational drivers of your business, manage your investments in innovation, and transform key areas of your business to drive revenue growth and cost optimisations in a controlled manner.

The Opagio flywheel (MMAT) provides you with a 4 stage process to iteratively:

At Operational Agility, we give you the tools to measuring your productivity baseline (and Total Factor Productivity) and help you model your target operating model and future productivity after the change. This gives you a firm-wide score aligned with economists’ and investors’ global measures of productivity.
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Why management teams love Opagio

  • Analyse the business performance impact of key processes and identify opportunities to innovate

  • Deploy large-scale transformational projects with measured impact and post-implementation analysis

  • Identify and focus investment in key processes required to meet objectives of external stakeholders

  • Embed a culture of operational excellence within the firm, engage employees to contribute to the productivity improvements required to drive profit

  • Benchmark and set targets for key firm productivity and efficiency metrics against their peers and the wider economy