The Opagio Platform


Create a model of your business to ensure you get the full picture and be able to identify where you can invest for the biggest impact. Start with your customer and analyse and assess their experience and satisfaction with your service. Then model your key business processes to see how your customer processes map to your operations.


Once you have modeled your customer and internal processes, it is time to measure your productivity processes to see how they are performing. The key to making better decisions is to ensure you use data to inform them. With your operational data imported into your model, you are in a very strong position to analyse the efficiency and profitability of your business.
Understand your customer pain points and operational details. Define targets to improve your firm’s productivity and measure your success at investing in innovation.


Once your key processes are modeled and your operational data has been loaded to measure your business, you are in position to analyse your operations and identify the significant areas to focus on.
To grow your business, start with your customers and their needs and focus on your key processes to drive improvements.
To save money, start with your processes and the biggest cost element, and analyse each step to see where your biggest optimisation opportunities lie.
This analysis will help you focus on operational excellence with an increase in productivity and profitability.


Once you have completed your analysis, you are in a strong position to transform your business and measure the impact. Run scenarios on your business model and set targets for your new operating model. Start your transformation journey with a clear set of operating targets and improvements, and create your target operating model linking your new processes to the people and systems that will be required.
Once you have your transformation plan and project underway, ensure you go round the cycle of innovation again — always with a laser focus on your customers and your operational detail. Use Opagio to drive change, drive efficiency, drive growth through operational excellence and management oversight.
With the Opagio platform, it is free and easy to get started. Sign up for an account and start by modeling your first process.
Use the Opagio platform for up to 10 processes and 10 people for free.