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What Our Clients Say

‘Using Opagio’s unique platform has enabled us to get an iron grip on operations. We now have time to focus on strategy and have built an aggressive growth strategy for the next 5 years. Since we started working with Opagio we have increased our annual revenue growth rate from 19% to 35%. The numbers speak for themselves.’

Mathew Nagel, COO and Co-Founder, Neatsmith

‘Opagio has helped us identify major barriers to our growth and address them. Opagio’s team has demonstrated deep expertise in digital marketing, conversion, pricing, customer needs and the systems required to support our growth. We have repositioned the brand and pricing, launched new platforms for customers and developed our location expansion strategy. We are now delivering significant membership and revenue growth.’

Shamir, Founder

  • SMEs Must Grow Despite the Challenges of Severe Downturns

  • SMEs can only increase real wages and EBITDA based on improving both labour and capital productivity

  • Opagio Awarded Innovative and Pioneering UK Smart Grant Award