Investment Association

Investment Association is a trade body, representing the interests of and developing policies for UK investment managers, with 250 members managing £8.5tn of assets. The then Chancellor published a Plan in 2015 to solve the UKs long term productivity problem “Fixing the Foundations: Creating a More Prosperous Nation”. In response in 2016, the IA published its own Productivity Action Plan “Supporting UK Productivity with Long-Term Investment”. This identified five Investor Productivity Principles and Action Plans to implement them, three directed to closer monitoring of and incentivising corporate management, and two to capital market efficiency and the regulatory environment. An interim follow up report was published in 2017 on progress made. Opagio reporting offers tighter measurement of corporate operations, which can support four of these Action Plans: (i) Enhance company reporting for efficient capital allocation, which in turn supports (ii) Develop efficient and diverse capital markets. (iii) Enhance investor stewardship and engagement and (iv) Simplify behavioural incentives and the investment chain.