Business Process Modelling

Business Process Modelling is the activity of representing the processes of an enterprise, so that current performance can be analysed, measured, and improved, by e.g. automation and digitisation. First, actual Business Process practices are best identified and described in a form of blueprint, specific to thee practices of each firm, and expressed in an analogue language universally applicable to all business activities. This then specifies the variables representing the processes in digital form. Second, the measurement of task completion and efficiency in real time of the actual outputs as carried out showing the ways and workflow in which their operations interact with each other and the rest of the organisation to contribute to the policy objectives of the organization. There are three types Business Process Modelling services and applications:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning models represent the digital mechanisms for integrating the reported output of the enterprise’s occupation specific applications. Such a model remains an abstraction by the vendor of the application, in that it will typically not have been fully customised to the operations of the user. It can describe the workflow or the integration between digitised versions of business processes.
  2. Applications like menu selection and ordering which determine and control the workflow of a particular element of the processes of a restaurant.
  3. Opagio reporting, which digitally prepares a Blueprint of actual processes, measures in real time the flow and efficiency of actual operations. It provides the data for analysing where improvements can be made, giving scenario reporting of possible changes to explore the impact across other processes, including business model transformation and market disruption. This type of reporting enables comparative measurement to be made of the new levels of input and output after operational changes have been introduced. On with this can the value of any change or transformation be accurately assessed.